OSS Integration

Integration of Planning, Fulfillment, Assurance, Billing and other business support systems while extending the life of legacy systems and other existing IT investments

In today's telecom environment, streamlined, efficient operational and business support processes are essential for the survival and profitability of a communications service provider. Integrated OSS and Business support systems are critical in controlling the OpEx and providing a competitive advantage to the organization. This requires integration of new technology with the old, and realizing a common architecture where all business-enabling applications are able to communicate with each other.

TechOne has experience in working with ILEC and CLEC companies on their internal OSS/BSS and integration efforts, ranging from self service customer portals to planning and flow through provisioning systems. We have also worked with NGN equipment manufacturers on their NMS/SMS and north bound interface efforts.

TechOne also has extensive experience in wrapping legacy systems to allow communication with newer systems using various standards and technologies such as SOAP/WebServices, CORBA, RMI, JMS, Vitria, Encina, Tuxedo and HTTP/XML etc. We also keep abreast of developments taking place in the NGOSS, OSS-J, workflow/process automation areas.

TechOne can help you identify the integration requirements and interfaces, specify a common architecture for various systems to integrate with each other, and effectively realize this architecture. We are guided by our knowledge of the pain and challenges involved in such integrations, and we can leverage this experience to offer the best solutions.

Our tool ACE™ can accelerate the process of building and integrating such applications, in JAVA, J2EE, XML, RMI, IIOP, SNMP, SOAP/WebServices environment. For our customers, this could result in savings of 30-50% in time and budget. (Download ACE™ datasheet)

This combination of experience, expertise and intellectual assets makes TechOne your pre-eminent solutions partner.

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