COVAD Communications is a Market leader and provider of DSL services in North America.

Need: Build and enhance a Trouble Ticketing System to manage their Networks.

TechOne helped COVAD build their trouble Ticketing System, and also engaged in an ongoing effort to enhance system capabilities.

TechOne provided consulting services for system architecture, design and implementation. A Java based GUI was developed, with EJB 1.1 / Weblogic server at the Application Server layer and an Oracle Data Warehouse in the Back-end. Vitria's rules engine was used to enforce business rules.

Technology: Java, UML, Swing, EJB, VITRIA, Oracle

US West is a leading provider of telecommunication solutions in the country.

Need: As part of the telecom industry de-regulation, US-West wanted to allow third party vendors to buy and re-sell telecommunication services, electronically, through it's secure web site.

TechOne consultants designed and implemented the Web Integration solution. Specifically, TechOne developed a browser ready, JAVA based GUI front end, dispatching transactions to the existing OSS and legacy systems. The solution was designed to allow for secure web access to US West's OSS.

Technology: Java, C++, ENCINA, OSS Integration

2nd Century Communications is a leading CLEC offering comprehensive package of business tools including broadband access, voice applications and desktop management services.

Need: Build a Self-service portal for customers and partners to manage and order the full range of 2nd Century products and services.

TechOne worked with Cygent, a company that provides an EJB based application server (Cygent Fusion) and business components for rapidly building E-Commerce applications for the communications industry, to accomplish this task.

TechOne used Cygent Fusion, WebLogic server, TopLink and other tools to develop a custom application as part of this project, which involved developing EJB's, JSP's, O-R mapping using TopLink, and preparation of architecture specific classes for accessing business objects from the clients web browser.

Technology: Java, JSP, EJB, Oracle, Cygent Fusion, TopLink, UML

AT&T Wireless is the market leader in providing mobile communication services in North America.

Need: A fulfillment system for consumersŐ purchase of phone accessories from their website.

TechOne analyzed the requirements for the fulfillment system, and the A2A and B2B integration required . Based on its experience, TechOne designed a system that accepts orders from the AT&T Wireless website, sends orders to the fulfillment partner (Brightpoint), fulfills the order through a number of applications, and returns the user a result with shipping information for the order.

Technology: Java, EJB, Servlets, XML, JSP, B2B, B2B2C, EAI, Legacy 4D database


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