TollBridge Technologies is the market-share leader providing voice-over-broadband solutions for service providers.

Need: A partner to bring out their next release of EMS, and meet their aggressive lab and field trial commitments.

TechOne solved problems, stabilized and enhanced the EMS that had eluded their internal staff for over a year. The key challenges were - interacting with users in a fast-paced environment and meeting the drop-dead delivery deadline. The assignment was delivered on time, and on a fixed price.

Technology: Java, RMI, Swing, SNMP

Native Networks is developing the state of the art, multi protocol optical transport solutions for Access and Distribution Networks.

Need: Native networks wanted to build a NMS / SMS for a Statistical ADM based Access and Distribution Network.

TechOne worked with their team in Israel to develop a suitable Architecture, and system design. The implementation of the system is a joint effort, with a large part of the system being developed by TechOne.

Technology: UML, EJB, Java, RMI, XML, SNMP, AdventNet/WebNMS

CoSine Communications is a leading developer of managed IP Service Delivery Platforms.

Need: CoSine wanted to build a system to deliver manageable, network-based value-added IP services to subscribers that helps carriers to easily provision, manage and account for IP services.
Solution: TechOne helped bootstrap the effort, and provided consulting services for system architecture, design and implementation. A Java based GUI was developed, with C++/CORBA server at the Application Server.
Technology: UML, OOA, OOD, Java, C++, CORBA, SolutionCore, SNMP

Interwave Communications is a leading provider of digital wireless technology Solutions, as well as infrastructure and software to support an entire wireless network.

Need: Interwave needed to develop an Operations and Maintenance Center (OMC-R) system for managing a GSM based cellular network.

TechOne helped in design and development of GUI and Application Server/MIB (Management Information Base) for Configuration, and Fault management subsystems.

Technology: C++, Motif, Object Services Package (from TCSI), Oracle, Unix

Com 21 is a leading global supplier of DOCSIS based system solutions for the broadband access market.

Need: Com21 wanted to build a system to manage a DOCSIS network of CMTS (cable Modem Termination System) and Cable Modems and provide a solution to several MSO(Multi Service Operators) deployment Scenarios.

Working with the functional requirements document, TechOne helped build a system, which collects and displays the information about CMTS and Cable Modems in a HFC Plant and also help analyze the characteristics of the plant.

TechOne provided consulting services to design and develop modules for managing and provisioning of CMTS, user access control, fault management, alarm correlation and plant management Diagnostics.

Technology: UML, OOA, OOD, Java, Swing, AdventNet, SNMP

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