Ditech Communications Corporation is a global telecommunications equipment supplier for voice and optical networks.

Need: QA for EMS and Northbound interface prior to delivery of system to tier 1 carrier.

Outsource the complete QA for functional, regression, performance tests. Involved in test plan and test cases, development of test framework, and in test execution. Deliverables included test results, test documentation with plans and scripts for re-use. Also, did an analysis of results with recommendations.

Technology: Embedded Systems

CoSine Communications is a leading developer of managed IP Service Delivery Platforms.

Need: CoSine wanted to build a system to deliver manageable, network-based value-added IP services to subscribers that helps carriers to easily provision, manage and account for IP services.
Solution: TechOne helped in defining the solution strategy, and in bootstrapping the effort to design and develop a web based, distributed multi-tier Element Management System and Virtual Private Network configuration and monitoring system.
Technology: UML, OOA, OOD, Java, C++, CORBA, SolutionCore, SNMP

Nortel Networks is a global leader in telephony, data, wireless, and wireline solutions for the Internet.

Need: Nortel needed help with the architecture and design of a System Management Platform (SMP).
Solution: TechOne led the effort for architecture and design of SMP. Also provided consulting services in the area of Open Systems/SNMP/CORBA and distributed, client-server system design and development. SMP is a Multi-tier development framework and is used to rapidly build vertical applications to manage the next generation of Nortel equipment, services and applications.
Technology: C++, MFC, JAVA, Orbix/CORBA, NT/Unix, SNMP,..

Native Networks is developing the state of the art, multi protocol optical transport solutions for Access and Distribution Networks.

Need: Native networks wanted to build a NMS / SMS for a Statistical ADM based Access and Distribution Network.

TechOne worked with their team in Israel to develop a suitable Architecture, and system design. The implementation of the system is a joint effort, with a large part of the system being developed by TechOne.

Technology: UML, EJB, Java, RMI, XML, SNMP, AdventNet/WebNMS

Globalstar is a consortium of leading international telecommunications companies founded to deliver satellite telephony services through a network of service providers.

Need: Globalstar was building a system to manage the network of its LEO (Low earth Orbit) Satellite System.

TechOne provided consulting services in the design and development of a Satellite Bandwidth Allocation, Load Simulation and Balancing System.

Technology: C++, CORBA, TIBCO/Rendezvous, IPC, Persistence PowerTier

Cisco Systems is a market leader in the Networking area.

Need: Help in the architecture and design in the extension of an EMS, for a next generation router.

With its superior domain skills, TechOne is participating in the architecture and design to build extensions to the current EMS foundation.

Technology: Java, CORBA, RMI, Swing, OOA/ OOD, RDB, XML

Loral Space & Communications is a leader in satellite communications, with substantial activities in the manufacture and operation of satellite systems, as well as development of satellite-based networks for the provision of an array of communications and information services.

Need: Loral wanted to build a NMS to manage an ATM/Frame Relay switches and network.

TechOne designed and developed network planning and pre-configuration facilities and performance management. Also implemented the SNMP MIB (Management Information Base) for managing the SONET/OC3 interface for ATM switch.

Technology: C++, UNIX, Sybase, Object Services Package, SNMP


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