Ditech Communications Corporation is a global telecommunications equipment supplier for voice and optical networks.

Need: A partner to advise on EMS strategy, keeping in mind the company's products and customer profile.

TechOne analyzed the requirements for the EMS, and recommended a product strategy and other software areas to concentrate on. TechOne also recommended the architecture for the system.

Technology: Embedded Systems, XML-RPC, N-tier, Java

CoSine Communications is a leading developer of managed IP Service Delivery Platforms.
Need: CoSine wanted to build a system to deliver manageable, network-based value-added IP services to subscribers that helps carriers to easily provision, manage and account for IP services.
Solution: TechOne helped in defining the solution strategy, and in bootstrapping the effort to design and develop a web based, distributed multi-tier Element Management System and Virtual Private Network configuration and monitoring system.
Technology: UML, OOA, OOD, Java, C++, CORBA, SolutionCore, SNMP

Nortel Networks is a global leader in telephony, data, wireless, and wireline solutions for the Internet.

Need: Nortel needed help with the architecture and design of a System Management Platform (SMP).
Solution: TechOne led the effort for architecture and design of SMP. Also provided consulting services in the area of Open Systems/SNMP/CORBA and distributed, client-server system design and development. SMP is a Multi-tier development framework and is used to rapidly build vertical applications to manage the next generation of Nortel equipment, services and applications.
Technology: C++, MFC, JAVA, Orbix/CORBA, NT/Unix, SNMP,..

Native Networks is developing the state of the art, multi protocol optical transport solutions for Access and Distribution Networks.
Need: Native networks wanted to bootstrap an effort to build a system for managing network elements.

TechOne helped Native with the Solution Strategy, Technology and Vendor Selection, Requirements Analysis, and also in developing the Information Model and Architecture.

Technology: UML, EJB, Java, RMI, XML, SNMP, AdventNet/WebNMS

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