NMS Development & Integration

From Requirements to Custom NMS Solutions, Delivered in Half the Tim

NMS - Element / Network / Service / Subscriber Management System.

A robust, extensible, scalable NMS is a critical component of the total solution, especially for the carrier class test and deployment environment. Since NMS shortcomings can delay the eventual launch or acceptance of the products, it cannot be ignored. Such systems demand high levels of expertise, and can deplete large amount of bandwidth from the core product development team.

TechOne has significant experience in developing NMS solutions for various types of network elements and Equipment Vendors. Specifically, our team has developed management solutions for the elements/networks in areas such as Optical transport switching, Cable, VoIP/Cable, Terabit Router, VLAN, IP-VPN, and more.

Our expertise includes, but is not limited to, building Web based GUI (JSP/HTML, Java, XML/XSL), Application Server (J2EE/EJB, CORBA), WebServices/SOAP/XML, EAI, Workflow/ Messaging (JMS, Vitria, MQ-SeriesÉ), Relational DB, various Modeling Tools and Languages.

We have developed ACE™, a tool to automate the process of design, development and integration of NMS applications. For our customers, this means that TechOne can deliver solutions with 30 to 50 percent savings in time and budget. (Download ACE™ datasheet)

This combination of experience, expertise and intellectual assets makes TechOne your pre-eminent NMS solutions partner.

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