Outsource Offshore

Save 30-60% of Your Budget with your Local Offshore Partner

In today's times, efficient and careful utilization of available budgets is on top of your priorities. Status quo is not an option, especially if the Business, IS and Engineering goals can be achieved while saving 30-60%, by Outsourcing Offshore.

TechOne is your local partner to help you execute an offshore outsourcing savings plan.

Be it maintenance of legacy systems or development/ integration of new ones with it, TechOne works with you to extend the life of your existing investments, with delivery responsibility.

Engagement models depend on the nature of engagement, and can be Fixed Price, Fixed Time, or Time & Material based, and managed through Service-level Agreements.

OnTOP™: Process to Plan and Manage offshore based outsourcing TechOne's offshore processes (OnTOP) have been honed to maturity with experience, and its Quality Procedures (QPs) help define methodologies for maintenance, development, QA, or system design engagements. Work is cleverly delineated between onsite and offshore, and is planned for every assignment. Onsite liaison and real-time reporting help you manage, and be 'on top' of, your outsourcing.

TechOne offshore center is SEI CMM certified. Other features:

Infrastructure: state-of-art facility with excellent connectivity to the outside world through Internet and secure VPNs
Ramp-up: ability to quickly ramp-up medium and large-size teams
Stable Company: an 8-year company, financially stable (and growing)
Local Partner: TechOne is a local, though offshore, partner – giving you better reach to its management. Also, the Oakland facility serves as the Disaster Recovery center.

In certain outsourcing scenarios, based on its experience, TechOne does not invoke the offshore option.

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