NMS Rescue & Sustenance

NMS Rescue Services will bring your complete solution back on track

In many NGN companies, insufficient executive attention is given to building or planning for the NMS systems, early enough bringing NMS on the critical path to field trials, needing a rescue.

NMS Sustenance Services: Maintenance and Quality Assurance of NMS systems

In today's telecom environment, it is important to do it right, and do it right once. Quality Assurance and managing the recurring Maintenance tightly are key components in ensuring this; typically, QA tasks need to be accomplished for a myriad of systems, prior to 'live' use - with limited resources. What emerges is a situation that engineers with the most business knowledge get repeatedly drawn into 'urgent' Maintenance, a relatively poor utilization of valuable resources.

TechOne has experience in Rescuing customers' NMS solutions, helping them reach lab and field trial stages faster, while keeping a tight lid on expenses.

TechOne's business and technical skills in telecom/ communication software systems is the main driver in its being able to undertake Rescue and Sustenance work. TechOne has time-tested processes and project management experience to make the assignments successful, the first time, every time.

In the Performance Tuning area, TechOne has completed assignments that have greatly improved performance of NMS, from the application, system and database perspectives.

In QA, TechOne has experience in Regression Testing, Performance and Stress Testing, Functional Testing, besides others. We use industry standard tools, and in their absence, do the necessary scripting for successful automation.

In Maintenance, we have taken on assignments to enhance and stabilize NMS applications, which had gone through iterations with internal staff. For long-term engagements, we do the Maintenance in our offshore India facility, providing the twin benefits of lower costs and round-the-clock turnaround for work. For well-defined work we can offer a fixed price basis.

The combination of experience, expertise and intellectual assets makes TechOne your pre-eminent NMS solutions partner.

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